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The Family Law Practitioner's Guide
to Juvenile Dependency Proceedings

a presentation for

Family Law Section 38

Explore the interface between family law and the juvenile dependency systems with an experience panel of juvenile dependency practitioners, and find out what to expect when you client is accused of abuse of neglect.


Nancy Rabin Brucker, Esq., Los Angeles
Barbara S. Zolla, Los Angeles


For Attorneys:

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 Copyright 2001-2005 and Nancy Rabin Brucker, Esq.                                                                                                                        













 Jurisdictions throughout the United States have procedures that best serve the families within each jurisdiction and thus,
 the procedures are not uniform throughout the United States.

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Chicago: Nelson-Hall., 1995

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by John Hubner & Jill Wolfson
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Re-printed with thanks to Comfort for Court Kids

 Copyright 2001-2002 and Nancy Rabin Brucker, Esq.